Love Your Om

You love Yoga right? So why not express your love in an Om pendant.  Carry that feeling of connection with your practice, always.  There are many OM pendants on the market today, Yoga sells.  However, to fully engage in a Yoga experience, you don’t just turn up to a yoga class and do it physically, unconsciously. If you do you miss a deeper connection that goes beyond the physical moves themselves. If you consciously engage in a Yoga experience, you embrace a deeper connection with practice, with yourself. You practice the art of yoga. It’s a subtle but big difference.

The same principles apply to my approach to the world of jewellery design and creation. It’s a constant practice. It’s not just made. It’s made by hand, by my own hands. Individually, piece by piece, using best materials possible and with all the same care as you take in your practice.

According to Paramahansa Yogananda, author of the bestselling, Book Of A Yogi, “many people think of yoga as just physical exercises” — but these are actually only the most superficial aspects of this profound science of unfolding the infinite potential of the human mind and soul.”  When you start to embrace your yoga in this way, the representation of your practice, symbolised in the Om pendant, becomes more important.

With this in mind you don’t want to just buy an Om pendant, but buy one that has soul and care taken to create the piece.


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